Cruelty-Free Criteria

For a long time I depended solely on other bloggers’ and vloggers’ research to determine whether or not companies are cruelty-free. While I love and admire all of those bloggers and vloggers still, I now carry out my own research and I encourage you to do the same. Below is an email template (courtesy of Sarah Landman at Kitty Approved Beauty), which I will be using to determine a company’s cruelty-free status and I encourage you to use it also. As I confirm each company’s cruelty-free status, I will edit my Cruelty-Free Shopping List!

Happy researching!

My name is (insert name here) and I am interested in using your brand and your products but I have a few questions about your animal testing policies. The following are my questions, all of which I hope you can answer:

  1. Does your company test finished products and/or ingredients on animals at any point in the production process?
  2. Do you test ingredients or products on animals through a third party?
  3. Do your suppliers or manufacturers test any raw ingredients on animals?
    • If not, how do you ensure that your manufacturers do not test?
  4. Are you owned or affiliated with any companies that test products or ingredients on animals?
  5. Do you have a parent company?
    • If so who are they?
  6. Do you/your parent company currently or plan to market and sell your products in China or any other country that requires animal-testing on products or ingredients?
  7. Which, if any, of your products are vegan (contain no animal-derived ingredients or by-products)?

Thank you in advance for your help and honesty,

(Insert name here)